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    Follow these general principals and procedures and your Clayley product will be with you for years, only getting better with age!

    We highly recommend that you use a good quality leather conditioner with your leather goods every 3 months. Using other chemicals or moisturisers to clean or nourish your leather goods may damage the leather and stitching.

    Our leather is tanned and treated using various dying methods. There is a slim chance that the tannins from the leather could transfer on to other fabrics, the same way your jeans could rub onto the leather. Please be mindful of this and take care when using the product.


    Keeping your purchase in pristine condition is very simple. Remember leather is natural skin like ours, it does need to be maintained.

    Here are some general tips:

    Tip 1 - Aging

    Remember leather is a natural product and will change over time. This is simply called ageing and should be embraced. Your wallet will soften and personalise itself to your habits over time. This is unique to you and your way of life. Embrace it!
    Tip 2 - Keeping the leather conditioned
    Just like us, leather is skin and it needs moisturising as well. Use a good brand leather conditioner on the leather surface. Make sure the surface has no dust. Use a cotton cloth and apply the conditioner every 3 months.
    Tip 3 - Harsh Products
    Again just like our skin, keep the leather goods away from any harsh chemicals or oil based products like make up which can penetrate the natural leather and potentially stain.
    Tip 4 - Leather Stretching
    Remember leather stretches out but not in. Don't over load your clayley product as this can have a permanent effect on its hold capacity and it won't be able to return to its designed shape. Simply carry only what you need to so your clayley product continuously functions how you want it to.