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    The leathers we use are premium hides tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols, then dyed through so they age gracefully.

    All of our collections are cow hide and buffalo hide.

    Soho Collection is made from Tiber (cow hide) leather, only vegetable tannins are used to create this Italian cow hide leather. Each bag has a unique character that matures over time.  The Soho Collection is inspired by the London look and fashion styling.

    Cannes Collection is made from Milled Napa leather, a tanned and dyed unique supple cow hide leather. This leather has a distinct and premium look often used in cars for the luxury feel.  The Cannes Collection is inspired by the French look and fashion styling.

    Oculus Collection is made from veg tanned Banjo leather. Another cow hide leather that is durable and strong. This leather is usually used in the horse industry to made saddles and straps. Each bag and wallets have a mature character over time.  Oculus Collection is inspired by the Washington corporate business look and style.

    Wall St Collection is made from Buffalo hide called Buff Oscar leather.  A very liveable leather, with an unsurpassed ease of cleaning and long wearing life, it has a soft hand feel and is highly resistant to the rigours of everyday use. The Wall St Collection is inspired by the business class of New York Wall St look and fashion styling.

    Portofino Collection is made from cow hide Cobo leather which is a high-grade Italian leather.  Cobo in Italian means antelope, although this is cow hide leather it’s characteristics are soft texture and a high-end feel. Apart from handbag this leather is often used for high end furniture.  Siena products inspired by the Italian look and fashion styling.  Portofino products is inspired by the Italian Riviera look and fashion styling.

    Clayley Collection is a mix of products made from cow and buffalo hide.  All of Clayley Collection products are designed and made with simple and minimalism in mind.  Clayley Collection is inspired by Australian look and fashion styling.

    Siena Collection similar to the Portofino Collection is made using a high-grade cow hide Italian leather known for its soft and luxurious feel to it.   The croc print gives a different edgy look to all the Siena products inspired by the Italian look and fashion styling.

    Manhattan Collection similar to the Oculus Collection is made from using veg tanned Banjo leather.  Durable and strong leather and the designs of Manhattan Collection is inspired by the New York look and fashion styling.

    Outback Collection is our representation of the Australian outback.  A mix of the most durable oil pulled cow leather and wax canvas and water repellent padding are used in all the outback collection products. This collection is perfect for the outdoor (photographers, travellers, campers etc). A lot of work goes into creating each product and every aspect of the products reflect the Aussie outback nature. These are the most durable Leather plus canvas products that you can ever find.