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    Premium Leather Goods

    Clayley was built on the idea of minimalism, which focuses on delivering premium leather products that command everyday use. As result of which, we explored, tested and rigorously innovated to strike a balance between the need for quality products that not only catered to the hedonistic needs of individuals but also, focused intently on being functional and surprisingly affordable.

    This pursuit that created Clayley stemmed when Ven and Mitch yearned for premium leather products that were subtle yet a certain level of workmanship on premium leather. This pursuit, passion and vision to create a product that would truly set them apart was realized when Ven was travelling India and stumbled on Viari. Viari, was everything and more Ven has hoped for. They created robust and novel products. Further, they cultivated and nurtured a close-knit environment that treats their staff and customers like family. Ven, quickly realized that partnering with them would help the realize dream. Clayley, was finally created after discussions with Mitch.

    Clayley, an Australian brand that manufactures products in India without compromising on robust and premium materials, and the focus on intricate workmanship on premium leather is evident in every product.  Ven and Mitch, made sure that they also address and explore avenues for even small functional changes that allows it customers feel they are being heard. Since its Introduction in 2016, Clayley have consistently innovated their products to perfection. This endeavor finally allowed to create an authentic and exclusive amalgam of these key elements to bring forth quality products at such nominal prices.

    Clayley pride themselves in maintaining low costs by only selling quality products online. Viari makes all the Clayley and Viari products and Clayley is the exclusive retailer in Australia.  




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